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H&M Archery's String Sling®
Bow Support/Holder

Your bow hangs like a pendulum from the patented String Sling®. Bows balance at the nocking point and the first inch of string deflection is easy on bows. This allows the hunter be in his/her stand with arrow nocked with the weight of the bow on the shoulder, while waiting for the shot. Many hunters, if not most, can tell you about the time the deer walked in on them and the bow was hanging from a hook in the tree.  Have yours ready! Make your shot with a rested hand. You can't be more ready than having your bow at your side. Works great at 3D course and bow fishing.  The String Sling® can also be converted to a bow carrier for hands-free walking, hiking, etc. Use when standing, sitting or just to keep the bow from falling out of your lap. One hand, with bow ready, with no game alerting movements. Be ready when that once in a lifetime buck slips into range. A "must" for pack-in hunts.

Nothing more "Ready"
Nothing more "Secure"

Can also be used to carry:

~ Binoculars
~ Range Finder
~ Stool
~ Rattling Antlers, etc.


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