H&M Archery's StringSling® Bow Hunting Sling

The patented StringSling® converts to a carrier that allows archer to carry bow on back. Comes complete with custom 2 corded o-ring assemblies that attach to the riser needed to carry bow on back for added convenience when hiking or walking. Ideal for Bow Fishing! StringSling® allows the natural feel of the bow in your hand, but the weight is on your shoulder. Unique bow holder on this sling holds bow by bow string, with or without arrow nocked on string.

Use when standing, sitting or just to keep bow from falling out of your lap. One hand, with bow ready, with no game alerting movements. Be ready when that once in a lifetime buck slips into range. Shoot with sling on. A "must" for pack-in hunts.

"Nothing More Ready ~ Nothing More Secure"


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