The information can be found in patent #6,755,714.  Yes, it is my patent, but it is now in the public domain for all to use to improve their chances of harvesting a buck. Good luck hunting, and remember:  There is nothing more unnatural than a buck grunting from a tree!!!    

     The author of this deer hunting tip has four patents related to hunting.  A free instructional make-it-yourself video of this invention can be found on YouTube for creating a deer call extension.....

PS: This is not meant to be interpreted as the only way to call deer. It is meant as another tool in the hunters’ kit of things to use to increase the odds of getting that once in a lifetime buck. I also use a hand held call when a deer is not too close or stand to keep mouth piece end of tubing close to you. 

Now blow through the tubing a couple times to get hang of it.

Remember, nothing is more unnatural than a buck grunting from a tree!

Deer call extension kit parts list and instructions. 

1. Flexible tubing: about 15 feet to start.  Although most tubing will work, it is important that it remains kink free during use.  I      prefer using latex tubing because it remains flexible in cold weather (to a point), and it resists kinks.  I use 5/16 inch to 3/8          inch ID (inside diameter) tubing with 1/8” to 3/16” wall thickness.  You can get it at some home improvement stores or online.    It’s pricey compared to vinyl but much easier to use and more dependable.

2.  About 6” of somewhat rigid plastic tubing whose OD (outside diameter) is slightly larger than the ID of the flexible tubing          above.

3.  A party balloon that is approximately 16” or so when inflated.

4. Zip tie.

5. Super glue.

6.  A rubber band (long enough to go around a softball, although you will not need a softball).

7.  A deer grunt call.  Use your favorite brand with usual ¾ inch tube.  My favorite is made by Dean Stratton Game Calls of               Michigan, but your similar call will work.

Cut a small hole into the tip of the balloon on opposite end that you blow into balloon.  Pull the mouth end of the balloon               over a wooden or plastic dowel (a broom handle works). Dowel should extend into the air reservoir of the balloon.  Put a             couple small drops of Super Glue onto the balloon end that is on the dowel and roll balloon back toward reservoir portion of     balloon.  Stop rolling at balloon air reservoir.  Let glue set.

Cut ¾” from the rigid plastic tubing.  Insert the 3/4 “piece into one end of the flexible tubing at least a half inch.   Put that end         of flexible tubing into the hole cut in the balloon. Push into balloon about ½ inch. Secure balloon to tubing with zip tie.  You       may also use a piece of camouflage fabric to cover the balloon.  The fabric is optional.

    Place rubber band about ¾” from mouth end of deer call.  The rubber band keeps the call from falling loose when dangling       from tree.  Pull end of balloon (the end that was rolled up) onto the mouth end of the call past the rubber band. 

Cut about 2 feet of tubing from other end of flexible tubing. Insert a 2” piece of the rigid plastic tubing into each end of the 2         foot piece.  Reconnect one end to the 13 foot piece of flexible tubing. The other end becomes your mouthpiece.  Tie a string       to the coupling piece of rigid tubing with a loop that can be attached to tree or stand to keep mouth piece end of tubing             close to you. 

Now blow through the tubing a couple times to get hang of it.

"Remember, nothing is more unnatural than a buck grunting from a tree!"

     I was bow hunting in Michigan when the law changed allowing bow hunters to hunt from an “elevated platform”.  During the first few years of tree stand use, if a deer came into range and saw me (as long as I held still), it would show no unusual alarm because predators weren’t in trees.  My, how things have changed! 

      With more than 40 years of experience bow hunting in Michigan for Whitetail Deer, it is readily apparent that we no longer have the pleasure of hunting deer that have not already been hunted by other bow hunters.  You would be hard pressed to find a buck that hasn’t already been challenged by another hunter from a tree stand in the adjoining woodlot using a grunt call of some sort.

     I believe that calling from trees has taught deer to come into a location looking “up” only to see the hunter perched in his/her stand.  Also, there is no telling how many mature bucks don’t even come into view because they have already identified the grunting sound as coming from a tree and keep their distance.  Mature bucks didn’t become mature by being stupid. 

     The strategy of electronic call makers is to let the sound come from a location remote from the hunter so the deer doesn’t find a hunter on the end of a call.  Even with a cell phone app for calling deer, the sound is still coming from the hunter in the tree stand.

      I invented a calling tube with a unique connection that mimics the way our wind pipe (trachea tube) and mouth make a grunt call work when blowing on it. This allows the hunter to place the call near ground level, a natural height for deer calls.  An added bonus: this invention requires no batteries! 

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